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30 January, 2017


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This version solves the problems of recent days related to non-working selected text translation in the Firefox release versions.

However, developer versions might still be affected. The root cause of the problem is the deprecation of old Add-Ons (like this one). The correct solution (supporting multiprocessing Firefox) is under development but there are a lot of difficulties.

I hope that I will find solution for all of the porting issues in the close future without losing any main or convenient feature. You can track the porting here:

All features remained.

Download version here>>


  1. I had to disable it, due to my company's redmine and other pages working really slowly in my machine. After a long debugging session I found it due to the fact that e10s was deactivated, and it was due to precisely this extension, the only one forcing firefox into uniprocessing. I hope I will be able to install it again when it is compatible with e10s.

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