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What's New?

version 3.0

Multiprocess Firefox support

The main reason of this release is Mozilla's efforts to make Firefox a real multiprocess application. It has been a while now since multiprocessing was introduced into Firefox, but this add-on have not supported it until now. However there were a few compromises to make to make this work.


Mozilla introduced a new extensions API based on Google Chrome's in the last c. two years (but is still lacking a lot of features). The main reason doing so was to build a much reliable and less vulnerable system compared to those of the previous APIs: XUL and old SDK. However WebExtensions does not have those vital elements that made Firefox what it is today (uhm... what it was before). With WebExtensions add-on developers cannot create such add-ons that can completely customize the behaviour or the UI of Firefox anymore.
This led to the extinction of such great add-ons as e.g. Classic Theme Restorer or Firebug.

The future of Firefox

As Mozilla decided not to care about their add-on developers and users who have used Firefox because of its wide-range customizability, a lot of them declared that they are moving on from developing and/or using Firefox and declared its death in the next few years.

Indeed, who needs a Chrome clone? We need a customizable browser.

The future of Translator

I cannot promise anything related to the future of the add-on. Currently, I feel like there is no point in using Firefox, it has lost all of its charm. What I'd like to do though is to continue to maintain the add-on so its main functionality doesn't break. I'll see how it works out.
F2, lost settings, right click, redesigned Options page – Noticable changes in this version

The following not so convenient changes had to be made because of WebExtensions limitations.

Not configurable keyboard shortcut (hotkey). Certainly the most annoying changes of all had to be made because of WebExtensions. You cannot configure your add-on keyboard shortcuts anymore. If Mozilla had done a decent job it should work like Google Chrome's solution, where you can access all add-on keyboard shortcut settings on a standardized options page. But it doesn't.
So for now you just have to accept that the hotkey for translating is F2. Sorry.

Options are not migrated. Luckily there were no vital settings that anyone should cry for as these are not preserved after updating to this version. So please set your preferred translation target language and translation mode in the Options again if the default settings are not good for you.

No more split button. Options and quick access to the two distinct translation methods are now not accessible by a split button, but by right clicking on the "Red T". Also, translate selection is not accessible on the "Red T" anymore, only from a selection's context menu.

Integrated Options page. The Options dialog was integrated into the add-ons info page (accessible from about:addons). It became a bit cleaner. Please note that you still need to press Save in order to save your changes.

And just to finish it positively, from now on, it is not needed to restart Firefox after installing the add-on or changing any of its preferences. Yippee.